Soccer Day 2019 - Sister School in Beijing

The third edition of the Inter Academy Yihai Beijing Soccer Day was held on May 4th to celebrate the game of football. The event was organized by the Accredited Italian Embassy School in Beijing, as a way to formally celebrate the partnership of the School with the Inter Academy Yihai Beijing. Salvatore Beniamino and Matteo Malgarini, who are the professional coaches and coordinators of the Inter Academy Yihai Project, attended the event and conveyed the greetings of the Director of Global Youth Business and Inter Academy, Barbara Biggi, and the Technical Director Inter Academy, Marco Monti.

This collaborative project provides for the implementation of extracurricular football courses for children aged 4-10 with the direct support of the coaches of Inter. The aim is to promote teamwork, to teach children how to respect the rules and how to control their emotions, in accordance with the values of Inter Football Schools, which is one of the main projects of the Neroazzurri youth academy. Since the beginning of the cooperation between Inter Academy Yihai Beijing and the School, about 100 children from more than 18 different nationalities have attended the extracurricular football courses.

One of the objectives of the Italian School’s educational project is to develop motor skills and body language in children through sports activities. Mariassunta Peci, who is the Scientific Director and Coordinator of the School Management Committee, has noted that “football gives children the opportunity to grow and helps them develop their personalities, holding great pedagogical value in early childhood”. Playing football – she added – “not only favors children’s physical well-being but also allows the body to express itself beyond the physical boundaries by exploring social and psychological spaces. Football promotes values such as self-improvement, respect for teammates and opponents, respect for rules, teamwork, positive leadership, inclusion instead of violence. The values learned while playing will then be applied to real life and to relationships with others in different social contexts ”.

Just one year after its establishment the Accredited Italian Embassy School in Beijing received the accreditation by the Italian government, thus becoming the first School in East Asia to do so. It is also currently part of the network of the 43 Italian Schools abroad. For the 2018-2019 school year, the fourth one from its founding, the School welcomes almost 90 children of 18 different nationalities, and there is an active waiting list for the kindergarten for the next year.

During his opening speech the Head of the Economic Office of the Embassy of Italy in the P.R.C, Emanuele De Maigret conveyed the greetings of the Ambassador Ettore F. Sequi. In attendance were the legal and health attaché of the Embassy, Federico R. Antonelli and Giusi Condorelli, the Director of the Italian Trade Commission in Beijing, Amedeo Scarpa, and the Chairman of the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce, Davide Cucino.

Franco Cutrupia, President of the Management Committee of the School, sent his greetings to the School staff who devoted itself with passion and professionalism to the organization of the event, as well as to the children and their families. He acknowledged how the game of football received the attention of and brought together all of the agencies promoting education – teachers, professional clubs, school, families, and institutions – and created a common language for both kids and adults. All this allowed them to experience a day of inclusion and meeting of different cultures, which are fundamental and crucial elements to the development of future generations.

Almost 100 children with their families attended the event, for a total of more than 300 people. Girls and boys had the chance to live their first neroazzurri experience and to meet their coaches over the weekend for an extra-ordinary training session after which all the young athletes received a certificate of attendance and a medal!

Giulia Ziggiotti, the School Manager, thanked the sponsors Alce Nero, Beyogurt, Brazzale, F&B Solutions, Ferrero, Lingxia, La Sicilia, Opera Bombana for their contribution in organizing the buffet. She also added that such wide participation in the School’s initiatives shows how much the Italian community cares about and sustains the School and, ultimately, through the School, the promotion of the Italian culture.