OPEN DAY May 18th - Free trial Classes!

Are you looking for a modern International Kindergarten with a high quality teaching and bilingual curricula?

We are the first Italian International Kindergarten in Hong Kong, our premises can welcome up to 200 pupils, we cooperate with Reggio Children, the well-known Italian educational institution inspiring schools in more than 140 countries and will open on September 2nd, 2019.

We have two curricula: “Italian-English, plus Chinese language and culture” and “English-Chinese plus Italian language and culture“, both with half and whole-day options.

Our teachers have prepared brand new activities:

  • Cooking room: Italian pasta and herbal salt prepared at School together with our Chef that you can bring home and enjoy with friends and family;
  • Shadow room: Playing with lights and shadows, your kids will have a deep blue swim in a marine habitat;
  • Music and motricity room: Build your little muscles while exercising at a rhythm of music;
  • Storytelling room: English and Italian books accompanied by craft activities;
  • Water writing room: Rediscovering the traditional art of the Chinese Calligraphy, kids will be drawing and writing with paintbrushes and water on stones;
  • Porcelain painting: Kids will have the chance to paint on white porcelain, creating and designing a very unique piece of porcelain tableware;
  • LEGO STEM: Fun, cool, creative. To STEM or not to STEM?

Reserve your spot, register here:

WhatsApp: 5702 2731