Extracurricular Activities

Managed by Sapientia (H.K.) Limited

Starting From July 2019 we will have classes in:

Chess (Game of Go)

Practicing Go develops the mind and enhances intelligence and the control of emotions. It cultivates children’s willpower, concentration, determination, and gregariousness; it also nurtures a modest and ambitious character, which can enable people to handle setbacks and strike proactively for success.

Kung Fu

This course is mainly designed to cultivate children’s concentration levels, responsiveness and flexibility by
learning traditional Kung Fu. Kung Fu helps to strengthen children’s immune system, willpower, physical
prowess, courage and confidence levels as well. There’s a significant effect on enhancing their focus levels,
memory and flexibility too.


This program evokes the pupil’s interest in learning the themes through kindergarten topics and by emphasizing hands-on-learning so that the children may build up their knowledge and integrate scientific principles to inspire inquiries.


This activity cultivates children’s concentration. It increases eye-hand coordination and develops the pupil’s music potential.

Porcelain Painting 

Children enjoy learning about basic elements in porcelain painting: lines, shapes, colour, texture, space, perspective, proportions and movement.