Dragon Boat Festival
30 May 2022

On 30th May 2022, the Italian International Nursery & Kindergarten held a Dragon Boat Festival to introduce children to the cultural meaning, significance and origins of this traditional Chinese festival. Many activities were held to commemorate Qu Yuan (

Christmas Party
11 December 2021

Our school's Christmas Celebration was held on December 11, 2021. The program on that day was full, including Christmas performances by all the pupils and the awards of our Parent-child Christmas Decoration Competition. Families then enjoyed some activiti

Diwali Day
04 November 2021

Shubh Diwali! For the first time in our School, we celebrated the triumph of light over darkness and of good over evil with many different activities in which our kids learnt the meaning of Diwali and got a chance to get closer to the culture of some of t

Chinese National Day
29 September 2021

Happy Chinese National Day! In a few days, it will be National Day. Our children celebrated together through a group painting of city fireworks. We would like to share the result of their joint effort with you all.

International Day of Peace
21 September 2021

Every September 21st, International Day of Peace is celebrated globally.
The theme of this year was how we can recover as a world so we have a more equal and sustainable world.
The principal introduced the story of "The Lion Inside" In the story there