Mid-Autumn Festival
20 September 2021

This week we celebrated the Mid-Autumn festival all together! The children wore beautiful Chinese clothes and brought their lanterns to school. They listened to a themed story about the rabbit from the Mid-Autumn tradition story and how it ascended to the

Dragon Boat Festival Fun Day
11 June 2021

On June 11, the Italian International Nursery & Kindergarten held a Dragon Boat Festival Fun Day for the children to help them understand the culture and significance behind this custom. Workshops are very important for the Reggio learning experience, so

Anniversary of Dante Alighieri
04 June 2021

This year we celebrate the 700th anniversary of the death of greatest Italian poet, Dante Alighieri. IIKG organized a party in his honour to celebrate his contributions! Taking a cue from his most famous work, the "Divine Comedy", the three ateliers of th

Chinese Language Day
20 April 2021

The pupils celebrated Chinese Language Day. The Chinese teacher introduced the great ancient Chinese thinker and educator-Confucius to the school children through the story "Kong Rong shares the pears". It taught the pupils about traditional Chinese cultu

Easter Camp
30 March 2021

The school held a Easter Camp on March 30, allowing children from 2 to 6 years old to take part in an array of enriching cultural activities! The children enjoyed a fun-filled day of cooking, art, story-telling and role-playing to further their understand